• The Associazione Musicale Estense was founded in 2000. Its principal aim is to enhance the knowledge and the value of the ancient and baroque musical heritage, in particular as far as the territories that belonged to the Este family are concerned.
    Among the members of the Association there are early music passionates, musicians and people involved in the communication, administration, finance and law fields. They all contribute on a voluntary basis.
    The association’s goals include:

  • To promote the knowledge and the spread of early, baroque and classic music, played both with ancient instruments and copies;
  • To enhance the musical heritage of the Este period, by stimulating new musical productions, based on documentary and executive research concerning this period.
  • To cooperate with Italian and European institutions working in the same field.
  • To re-discover the artistic and cultural value of historical buildings and sites in Modena and in its surroundings, as they are not considered mere containers but they constitute important centers for cultural creation.
  • To focus on the relationship between the music and the place in which it is played, in particular concerning its acoustics and its purpose of use, by coherently choosing music that enrich the place itself.
  • To organize educational activities aimed at raising awareness for early music among young people and children.
  • To guarantee high standard of quality in its activities by supporting the organization of researches, conferences held by experts and artists, lectures, seminars, concerts as well as recording and editorial productions.
  • Other Activities:
    • Public relations
    • Auditorium services (during the concerts)
    • Secretary
    • Promotion
    • Press office
    • Artistic consultancy and decoration