"G&M Bononcini" Project

Since 2012 Grandezze & Meraviglie has launched the "G&M Bononcini" project, that focuses the attention on the educational and valorization activities of the music of previous Estense territories, with particular attention to the musicians of the Bononcini family.

The project aims at studying in depth the Emilia-Romagna instrumental school, in which grew the Italian violin school of Baroque age (that reached its highest peak with Corelli), and the literature for cello, an instrument that was invented in that area. Marco Uccellini, Tomaso Antonio Vitali, Giovanni Maria bononcini, Giovanni Bononcini, Arcangelo Corelli are the most famous composers and, at the same time, excellent instrumentalists, who where linked to the Estense court and famous all over Europe.

The two most important representatives of the Bononcini family, Giovanni Maria who was born in Montecorone (Zocca) and Giovanni who was born in Modena, are at the hearth of the development of Italian instrumental school.


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